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IT with no sense of irony…

IT with no sense of irony…

Posted on 4th October 2018

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The recent party political conference season has seen a renewed focus on sharing wealth and the benefits, or otherwise, of industry being more heavily regulated and taxed to make this happen.

Interestingly, the big corporates have already latched on to this and are now launching initiatives to demand that the rewards of work are shared more equitably.  For example, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, has recently used the 2018 Microsoft Ignite customer and developer conference as a platform to stress the importance of ensuring the rewards of digital transformation are spread more evenly, both from a geographic and industry perspective. More specifically, Nadella said: 

The work we all collectively do to advance the state of the art of digital technology, reshape our own companies and reshape our own industries, gives us one additional opportunity, which – in the end – is perhaps more important.

“And that is the opportunity to ensure the surplus that gets created by digital technology is equitably distributed throughout our economy and throughout our society, because that is what we need … What we do need is a real concerted effort to ensure this next big revolution, driven by technology, creates more equity for more people across the globe.”

Given his own salary of c. $20 million, compared to the median of c. $144K for all his employees, presumably he said this without any sense or irony…

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