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Go placidly amid the noise and haste…*

Go placidly amid the noise and haste…*

Posted on 10th January 2019

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Yes, it’s time for the Markit report again. Beset on all sides by politicians and pundits arguing about Brexit, the jobs market seems to be chuntering along quite nicely.  So if you are in recruitment market as an employer, try to put the politicians out of sight and mind (difficult, we know), get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you find some of those rare diamonds that your business is crying out for… and if you are a candidate, we’ll help polish your diamond CV to give it the best possible chance of securing you a plum job!

Anyway… the heading on the December RBS/Markit report for jobs in Scotland says it all really: “Labour market conditions remain robust during December.”

Across Scotland as a whole, recruitment agencies reported “permanent staff appointments increased at a historically marked rate at the end of 2018, while temporary billings also rose sharply. In both cases, expansions were faster than noted on average for the UK as a whole. Meanwhile, permanent and temporary job openings increased again in December. However, falling labour supply led to further pressure on pay.

We certainly note that pay pressures are increasing, with rates generally rising for both permanent and contractor jobs. Interestingly (especially from the employers’ viewpoint), salary/wage inflation is slightly lower in Scotland than for the UK as a whole, for both perm and temp/contractor jobs.

In IT, perm roles continue to grow faster than for any other sector, while in the contractor market, although “beaten” by the Nursing and Hotel categories, the rate of growth is still marked (see graphic).

Markit Dec 2018 by sector

We are seeing a lot of action on LinkedIn from IT professionals who are scouring the market for a new job. It may be one of the oldest clichés in the book, but “New Year, New Career” does sum up what many people look for in January.  And if you’re one of them, give us a call!

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

*   If you were an old hippie at university in the 1970s, our marketing team (one of whom was)  tells me you probably had this poem as a poster on your wall. If you weren’t, it’s called Desiderata, and you can find it here.  

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