Saturday 12th was quitters day.
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Fit to work?

Fit to work?

Posted on 13th January 2019

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I am quite keen on going to the gym.  And as we all know, January is the time of year when gym memberships rocket. We also know that the enthusiasm begins to wane after the first flush of energy has worn off.

In fact, last Saturday (12th) was the day when most people quit their New Year’s Resolutions to exercise and get fit.  According the Strava, the Sports app, the 12th of January is when they see the biggest drop off in activity across the year.  So, if you are currently lolling with your feet up, inhaling deeply on a cigarette you resolved to give up on the 31stof December and with a can of beer that supposedly was banished for “Dry January,” then you are not alone.  

However, on the brighter side you still haven’t quit your job – at least not yet. There is still time for that though. One study suggests that the day when most British workers quit their jobs is the 31st of January.  I wonder if that’s because, having given up their New Year’s resolutions to exercise, they now aren’t fit enough to get to the office…

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

BTW - If do give up your job on the 31st, get in touch. We can find you a new one!

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