Apple Air Pod & Fulham Fan joins Be-IT
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Apple Air Pod & Fulham Fan joins Be-IT

Apple Air Pod & Fulham Fan joins Be-IT

Posted on 4th February 2019

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When we recruit new people we want them to be good at their job, professional and disciplined.  However, having an immature sense of humour, a liking for beer, steak, R&B and Apple Air Pods are also OK.  Sounds like Matt will fit right in...

Matt DruceName: Matt Druce

Job title:Team Lead 

What other jobs have you done apart from working in recruitment?
I previously worked within Leisure and Events. I started off as a lifeguard, moved internally to help set up and manage a Go Karting venture and then back into a Leisure Centre as a Duty Manager. 

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
To be honest I have been fairly lucky not to have a complete disaster at work. I have had the normal coffee & food spills but nothing that stands out. 

However, when I was a lifeguard I did slip whilst trying to jump in to help someone which turned my pool entry into a massive belly flop!!   (Ed's note, stand by for a major disaster at Be-IT).

What/who makes you laugh out loud?
Things that you shouldn’t really laugh at. I have quite an immature sense of humour and laugh at simple things! 

When you were young, what was your favourite toy?
It’s got to be an Action Man, or just simply a football! 

Favourite band/singer/artist?  
I like a real blend of music across different genres. Although there is a slant towards Hip/Hop/Rap and RnB, I enjoy a bit of Eminem but recently I have been listening to Paolo Nutini, John Legend and Kano. 

As a new start, what was your initial impression of Be-IT after your first day in the office?
A very warm welcoming team and a great office environment.   

Favourite (non work) website and why?
I would say Sky Sports News, although being a Fulham fan there isn’t much news to keep updated on…….

Favourite food and drink?
A large steak with a pint of Peroni 

Favourite techie gadget?
I am a bit of a technophobe and rarely use the latest and greatest tech, however, I do really enjoy Apple Air Pods. They come everywhere with me.

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