2018 in review - from APSCo/VacancySoft
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2018 in review - from APSCo/VacancySoft

2018 in review - from APSCo/VacancySoft

Posted on 19th February 2019

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The APSCo review of 2018, sponsored by VacancySoft, makes for interesting reading.  Although it covers the entire economy, not just IT, there is no doubt whatsoever which area has seen most growth.  As shown in the first chart here, Top 10 vacancies by professionvacancies within IT grew by 28% during 2018.  It's also noted that the growth of the cyber security industry is massive and that this will be one of the key elements underpinning this growth.  Certainly, given the focus we know is being placed on cyber security by the Scottish Government, this is only going to be area of further, substantial growth in 2019 and the years ahead. 

When APSCo then looked at the top industries in terms of vacancy numbers, the IT market was again to the fore, albeit subsumed under the overall group "Technology, Media and Telecoms."  Here (see the second chart to the left), Top 5 by number of vacanciesthere was again a huge increase year on year, as well as a significant gap between TM&T and  the second ranked group, Financial Services. 

When more specific roles were considered, yet again IT leads the pack, with "software and computer sciences" the top sector.  This is also backed up by analysis contained in the recent Tech Nation report (and see also the final chart below), where it was mentioned that the technology sector is growing 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy.  

Top 10 sectors APSCo

It's going to be a busy year...

Gareth Biggerstaff, CEO, Be-IT

All charts from APSCo/VacancySoft 2018 in Review, Regional Trends



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