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#ITjobs Glass still full

#ITjobs Glass still full

Posted on 5th July 2019

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No, I'm not talking about the Be-IT summer party (pix on Instagram). I am, of course, talking about the monthly RBS/Markit review of the recruitment world.  Headlined, "Permanent placements growth eases to three-month low in June," this month's report makes it plain that although "labour market trends in Scotland continued to improve," the rate of growth is slowing slightly in both permanent and contractor (temp) markets.  That said, it's also clear from the report that overall candidate availability, especially for contractors, is still falling and wage pressures are rising.  Good news for candidates: less so for employers. 

However, these data are for the economy as a whole. When we look at IT specifically, while we see a slight softening of the monthly Markit index, our sector is riding high above all the others.  I knew there was a reason why we are going like a fair here at Be-IT! 

More seriously, looking at the data (below), the perm and temp markets are undoubtedly strong within Scotland, regardless of the indecision around Brexit. 

 Markit June 2019

In particular, there looks to have been considerable growth in contractors over May which I think reflects increasing project demand and a reluctance for some clients to commit to perm in these increasingly politically volatile months prior to Brexit.  How it will all pan out over the rest of the summer?  Normally, I would say the market will decide, but, obviously, a lot depends on how the political situation develops. Let's see how July and August go. In the meantime, let's keep the glass as full as we can!

Gareth Biggerstaff, CEO, Be-IT

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