Be-IT's IR35 Research - update
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Be-IT's IR35 Research - update

Be-IT's IR35 Research - update

Posted on 7th July 2019

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This year's Be-IT research project, conducted (as always) by an independent third-party, is an investigation of IT contractors' understanding of the forthcoming IR35 changes, specifically its introduction to the private sector.  We knew this is a topic that exercises a lot of people, and not just in IT. The response to date has been greater than for any of our previous years' surveys, with over 100 people completing the survey in the first few days. Consequently, we are going to close it in the next few weeks (provisionally, we're aiming for the end of July). This means that if you haven't completed the survey then you'll need to do so soon.  Here's the link:

To show just what a hot topic this is, last week we published a blog  which explains the facts behind IR35 from the viewpoint of a Certified Tax Adviser (basically, the Blue Riband of Tax Advice).  Within 24 hours, this was the fourth most viewed page on  our website.  Subsequent posts sharing this blog on LinkedIn have engendered a lot of further shares and comments.  IR35 is coming and it is undoubtedly going to have a major impact on all contractors, not just those in IT.  Anecdotally, we're heard stories of large companies which intend to scale back on the number of contractors they employ, though whether they will follow through with this when push comes to shove and they have a genuine, short-term/project requirement remains to be seen.  In the meantime, we shall report  the findings of our research within two weeks of the closing date for the survey, so please do take the three minutes that Survey Monkey assures is is all the time that's required to fill it out.

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

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