IR35 - the fuse is running out for the self-employed.
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IR35 - the fuse is running out for the self-employed.

IR35 - the fuse is running out for the self-employed.

Posted on 15th July 2019

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You may have seen the story last week that Talksport's (very good) presenter Andy Hawksbee, won his (£140K no less) case against HMRC over IR35.  Today's Daily Telegraph carries an excellent article which likens IR35 to a "grenade about to go off" under the self-employed.  It's well worth reading, The article also describes the situation of one IT contractor, Elena Vardoulaki, who is quoted as saying "People have this idea of contractors that we are cheating the system and avoiding tax, but we pay our corporation tax. We rely on that money in between contracts.  I might have to wait six m months or even a year between major contracts. We have the skills and take on all the financial risk."

You can find the Telegraph article here.  If you are a contractor, worried about IR35, and would like to share your story please get in touch.  We can't make the IR35 roll-out to the private sector go away, but we can try to make sure that it is fairly applied and that genuine contractors remain outside its scope.

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Finally, as you probably know, Be-IT is conducting a major survey on contractors' knowledge/perception of IR35.  It's already attracted more response than any other survey we've done, so if you haven't had time to complete it (and it only takes a few minutes, honestly!) then you can do so here:

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