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The Be-IT team’s views on today’s vital issues!

The Be-IT team’s views on today’s vital issues!

Posted on 24th July 2019

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Do recruitment consultants (and their other, equally important, resourcers, admin and finance colleagues) conform to stereotype when it comes to today’s important questions?  That was the issue we set out to investigate in this light-hearted quiz which we set the Be-IT team to get straight to the heart of some of the modern world’s most pressing issues.

More specifically, we asked them the following questions, all requiring a simple yes or no answer.  We also got some rather entertaining comments, of which more later…

We started with what is, for IT people especially, a highly topical question, based on Elon Musk’s recently stated ambition to drill holes in people’s heads and insert a computer chip … or, as we phrased it:

  1. Would you be prepared to have a brain implant that will allow you to type out a text message or email and navigate a computer simply by thinking?

Nearly half – 46% to be precise - of the Be-IT team are up for this. There were, perhaps unsurprisingly, comments along the lines of “this will improve X’s intelligence” (name withheld to protect the innocent/thick).  We’re also slightly concerned about the Ops Manager who said “Yes, I’d love this!”

Next, as the country gets a new Prime Minister and Brexit dominates the media, we pondered on perhaps the most important issues in contemporary Britain…

Love Island

  1. Do you watch Love Island?
  2. Would you be prepared to appear in Love Island?

Almost two-thirds of the team watch Love Island (some using excuses like “Only ‘cos the Mrs does” – yeah, right). Not only that, but two brave souls, Kevin and Freddie, were up for appearing on the show.  We suspect that in this unlikely event, the percentage of their colleagues watching it would either soar to 100% or, more likely, decrease to zero.

The next question is a matter of servitude...

  1.  Would you like a robot servant?

We actually thought that everyone would like one of these, but it turns out that just over half (54%) of my colleagues want one. Whether that’s because they are all egalitarians or because they already have servants I don’t know.

The next question is something we’ve written quite a lot about in opinion pieces on our blog…

  1. Do you think the police should be allowed to use facial recognition technology?

There was actually quite a largish majority (58%) in favour.  I’m not sure if they’ll all be so keen if said FRT “recognises” them for a bank job and it turns out to be someone totally different.

Now we move on to one of the key areas for debate in the Be-IT office…

  1. Do you (usually) stick to the government recommended weekly limits for alcohol?

Given this lot work in recruitment, you might have expected a 100% NO answer, but actually one third (33%) of the Be-IT team remember the promise that they made at their mother’s knee and abstain from alcohol once they reach the recommended weekly limit.  This doesn’t apply to office nights out obviously, when it’s possible to drink an entire year’s limit in one night.

Next, we ask how inky everyone is…

  1.  Do you have any tattoos?

As we all know, tattoos have become very common in recent years (as opposed to the past, when they were just regarded as common, according to the older people I know).  But how many of the Be-IT team have subjected themselves to the pain and suffering that goes with getting surreal and gothic patterns inked beneath your epidermis? The answer is only 38% and of that number there are very few who have gone the whole “sleeve.”

Now for the one about sex, at which point a lot of the team thought it necessary, for some reason, to think that this question was about their own performance rather than society as a whole. 

  1. Are Millennials having less sex than Baby Boomers?

I understand the correct answer to this question is, of course, yes, as shown by a number of surveys.  In fact, it seems that millennials are having less sex than any other generation for the last 60 years.  However, trust Be-IT to buck the trend.  62% of us answered NO to this question, in some cases foolishly citing their own experience. This means, of course, that only 38% of us read the papers and know the truth about what’s going on (or not) beneath the sheets.  And talking of papers…

  1.  Do you buy a print newspaper?

Another surprise here… I thought that almost none of us would buy a paper, preferring to get our news online.  Yet 17% of us admit to buying a newspaper, albeit in one instance only at the weekend.

And finally, on the subject of changing media consumption…

  1.  Do you prefer Netflix to the BBC?

I’m not surprised by the answers here: a decentish majority (58%) said yes they do prefer Netflix.  Whither the BBC in the next decade?

Matt Druce, Be-IT

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