IR35 OK? (Survey results teasers 2)
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IR35 OK? (Survey results teasers 2)

IR35 OK? (Survey results teasers 2)

Posted on 26th September 2019

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If you were with me yesterday, you’ll know we’re going to publish the full report on our IR35 research next week but that this week we’re giving you some snippets from the Executive Summary. We were both surprised and unsurprised by some of the results, because although we didn’t expect contractors and employers to know everything about the roll-out of IR35 to the private sector, we did expect them to know more than they seemed to…  

For example

Nearly one third (31%) of contractors are thinking about becoming a permanent employee, with a further 42% undecided and only 27% intent on continuing to work as a contractor.    

Virtually two-thirds (65%) of contractors and employers (67%) would be prepared to accept a terminal bonus upon completion of a contract.  This would increase the financial risk to the contractor, thus, potentially, helping put them outside IR35, although, as we shall explain in the full report, this is certainly not guaranteed.  

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

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