DigitExpo2019, bigger and better than last year
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DigitExpo2019, bigger and better than last year

DigitExpo2019, bigger and better than last year

Posted on 7th November 2019

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A trip to the capital is a treat for our colleagues in Glasgow, say our colleagues in Edinburgh, but when it's to attend the increasingly well-established DigitExpo conference then is indeed, if not a treat then certainly a productive and interesting way to spend a day.

Chris and Scott (from Be-IT Glasgow) and Paul (denizen of Edinburgh, so he didn't have to travel quite so far), turned up to represent us and (thus far, it only being just over half way through the day) report that it has been a success, with more attendees than last year and, in their opinion, more varied and stimulating speakers.  There seems to be more of an emphasis on some genuinely techie presentations, but interspersed with the 'set piece' talks from big hitters like Professor Bill Buchanan from Edinburgh Napier.  His presentation, just before lunchtime, was entitled "The future of cybersecurity: privacy, machine learning and IOT," and it was billed as an antidote to some of the gung-ho advocacy of AI as an unmitigated force for good. 

Digit Expo 2019Certainly, when you see (above), everyone in the room's mobile device's bluetooth being accessed and in public view (even telling us one attendee's heart-rate), then it is a bit of an eye opener.  Add in some more scary stuff about how back door access built into many devices (how to switch your neighbour's lights on and off, and watch your cat at the same time as the cybercriminals) and it made for a very enjoyable, if salutary presentation. 

Earlier, we'd enjoyed a interesting session from Dominic Harvey, Sales Director of CWJobs, on "Transferring Tech Skills beyond the IT industry" and, at time of writing Chris and Paul are currently listening/watching a presentation on "Why your UX designer hates you."  Once they're out of that, we'll let you know why he or she does!

So far, a good day... thanks to Digit for organising it and we're looking forward to next year already!

Scott Bentley, Be-IT



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