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At Christmas, Men are from Mars ….

At Christmas, Men are from Mars ….

Posted on 23rd December 2019

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Men are from Mars

Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings not just great cheer* but also, for those of us fortunate enough to have families and friends to dispense Christmas presents, the potential for some material gains, not to mention a gargantuan, blow-out meal.  Yes, there are those who think that Scrooge was a misunderstood man, but fortunately they don’t work at Be-IT, as is evident from the results of our Christmas Quiz.

Basically, we asked everyone in our offices four questions. 

  1. What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?
  2. What would you REALLY like for Christmas?
  3. If you were one of the Wise Men, what tech gift would you bring the Baby Jesus?
  4. What will be the highlight of your Christmas Day?

There is enough great material in the responses that this blog is going to be in two parts.  Today, I’m dealing with the first two questions; tomorrow the last two.  And when it comes to best Christmas presents ever, there is degree of unanimity amongst the boys in the team.  While not wishing to reinforce (sad!) male stereotypes, it’s significant that a majority of the lads said that their best present was some form of game/tech device, with five opting for a Play Station, a couple for an iPad, one of the older gents recalling a ZX Spectrum (Google it) and Michael Phair declaring it was “some type of electronic gadget” (which suggests it can’t have been that great if he can’t actually remember what it was).   Add in a car (rich parents!), a pair of red Adidas Predators, c. 1999 (football boots for the uninitiated) and a saxophone on which John McCann then inflicted strange parping noises on his family for the remainder of Christmas Day and it’s fair to say that the Y chromosome has much to answer for...  The best (in my opinion) answers that came from the male side of the team were Gareth’s evocation of his childhood via the present of an Action Man, Fully-Armed, Land Rover attack vehicle; Stuart Alexander’s “smiles on the faces of my kids; Neil’s “gift of happiness” and Aidan’s recollection of a family holiday to Barcelona.

In fact, Aidan’s holiday could have fitted nicely into the ladies’ list.  These included: “my first ticket to see Take That,” “a pet budgie – I called him Peppy,” a “Chloe Bag,” “Holiday to Las Vegas” and “My brother surprising us all by coming home early from Australia,”.  Perhaps the girls are from Venus - apart from one of our finance team who sided with the boys in citing an iPad as her most memorable present. 

Moving swiftly on to the second question, “what would you really like for Christmas?” the answers were not so clearly defined by sex.  However, avarice did rear its ugly head, with six people (three male, three female) wanting to win the lottery and quite a few more wanting things that only money can buy.  Top of that list was Kevin’s “A Gulfstream G650,” closely followed by Neil’s desire for “Raith Rovers FC to be taken over by a billionaire” and Chris Luby’s wish for “a new car.”  There were also what looked like genuine requests, for a “Sage Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel” (someone has clearly been spending too much time on Amazon) and - very honest this – and no names, no pack drill - “a girlfriend.” 

There were also several people who said they wanted nice holidays (“somewhere with decent weather”), a couple of ladies who want a dog (for life, not just for Christmas, as Ainsley sensibly noted), but again at the top of my list was Gareth’s request “to sit by the fire and watch TV – nothing fancy required, just no more ******* socks,” and topping them all, Stuart’s very sincere comment that, “I genuinely, at my age, am content in life and need for nothing other than my family to be happy.”  Amen to that.

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

*it also brings family rows, tipsy grans, annual visits to church, fights over what we’re going to watch on the telly, dyspepsia and hangovers.  But you wouldn’t miss it for the world, would you? 


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