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What you need to know about TOR (infographic)

What you need to know about TOR (infographic)

Posted on 19th February 2020

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Just what is TOR?  Essentially, TOR (The Onion Router) allows you to cruise the the Deep web (which is 500 times larger than the 'regular' internet). It’s where all the protected and encrypted stuff is -  banking information, usernames and passwords, transactional data, among other things.

As you probably know, the Deep web is where the Dark web lurks. With the proviso that Be-IT is not responsible for what you come across, if you do want to see what goes on in the dark recesses of the web then installing TOR is a simple way to do it.  Better just to have a look at this great infographic courtesy of (and thanks to) Josh Wardini. Here, and on his original blog, you'll find all the information you need!

TOR infographic


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