No soul - the problem with robots?
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No soul - the problem with robots?

No soul - the problem with robots?

Posted on 25th February 2020

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For some years now, scientists have been trying to make robots ‘react’ to pain, or, at least, to show this reaction by ‘wincing’ if they are struck. Now, Japanese scientists think they may have cracked it with a ‘child robot.’ The thinking behind all this is that if robots ‘understand’ ‘pain’ then they will treat human beings more ‘sensitively.’  

Shades of Blade Runner here I think…  The problem is quite simple in my view.  On the one hand, one of the big advantages of robots is that they don’t feel pain, allowing them to operate in environments where humans cannot.  While I’m sure that we will eventually have robots that are, in many respects, similar to humans (including taking over a lot of human jobs), until the techies can get a machine to empathise with us then and react to emotional stimuli then I’m not certain why we’re doing this...

Alastair Philp, Be-IT

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