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Be-IT Update – difficult markets need a fair response

Be-IT Update – difficult markets need a fair response

Posted on 30th March 2020

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Go on Amazon and you’ll find that the price of many items has increased dramatically. Of course, that is the normal reaction of the market to an increase in demand, but it’s clear some firms are blatantly profiteering. The most egregious examples of firms trying to changes their prices, terms and conditions are called out on social media, but they are just the tip of a too large iceberg.

Meanwhile, although a fortunate few will do well out of this crisis (why didn’t I buy shares in Zoom?) many firms are in serious danger of going under and even the very welcome action by government to pay wages up to a reasonable level (also applied to some, but regrettably not all, of the self-employed) will not prevent many more going under.

We are fortunate: Be-IT operates in a market where there is still some demand for quality staff. How long that will continue depends on the way this crisis pans out, but for now, buoyed by the government’s support for our staff, we know we will survive, although that does not mean we are complacent. We are well aware it will get much worse for many before it gets better and we are not bomb-proof just because we work in a sector which was booming before the virus hit.  

With the move to home working, it’s easier for employers to keep techies at their computers whilst minimising the dangers of spreading the coronavirus. However, there is no doubt that some very talented people will lose their jobs in the downturn.  That said, the savvy employer, who wants to hit the ground running when the market comes back, will seek out those skilled software engineers, systems architects, etc. who come onto the market through no fault of their own, even if it’s only to maintain contact with them. On both sides of this equation – for employers and candidates - Be-IT stands ready to help. And, unlike those firms selling hand sanitiser on Amazon, while we are having to tighten our own belts, I can guarantee we will be doing everything we can to maintain the quality of our service and that our prices will not increase.

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

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