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Lockdown Survey - the (surprising!) results

Lockdown Survey - the (surprising!) results

Posted on 27th April 2020

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We want to save money more than lives (seriously?)

We miss office banter most

We like having the freedom to concentrate

We are eating too much

This was a quick SurveyMonkey that one of our marketing team distributed amongst clients and friends, the majority of whom work in recruitment, IT, marketing or education. It is both serious and light-hearted and, perhaps more importantly, short and easy to do, so in a week there were over 120 responses. While making no claims for the statistical robustness of this sample, the results are both amusing and, in some respects, alarming!

There were only two questions.  The first asked about the good things people have experienced in Lockdown; the second about the bad things.  In both cases, respondents were asked to tick between 5 and, at most, 10 items from a list, but they also were given the opportunity to add their own comments. 

The top five ‘good things’ were:

  1. Saving money by not commuting (68.6%)
  2. Saving people’s lives by self-isolating (62.8%)
  3. Freedom to concentrate (60.3%)
  4. Being able to go for a decent walk every day to get fit (59.5%)
  5. Saving the planet by not commuting (50.4%)

Over 20 people offered an additional comment. Here is what I think if a representative cross-sample. If you want to see the full list, keep scrolling and you’ll find it below.

  • More productive because of zero travel time. Can be doing something else during meetings (like work or knitting)
  • Get to see my spouse more often - really!    
  • I am never late at work
  • Coffee on tap
  • Live in my joggers!
  • If the gyms were open, I could go at midday and early evening, and I get to see my dogs and husband all the time.

The top five ‘bad things’ were:

  1. I miss the office banter (62.0%)
  2. Eating too much (52.9%)
  3. I can’t get our somewhere nice for lunch (51.2%)
  4. Drinking too much (35.5%)
  5. Spending too much time on social media (33.1%)

Over 20 people again offered an additional comment. Here is what I think is a representative cross-sample.  If you want to see the full list, keep scrolling and you’ll find it below.

  • Being alone
  • Being in a house with two very lazy teenagers is getting on my nerves seeing as I'm still working and they do nothing!
  • Miss seeing work friends    
  • Missing my colleagues
  • Brainstorming, idea sharing spontaneously with the people around you because they are just there
  • Having to stay with your mum!

If you want to see the full results, follow this link.

​Michael Phair, Be-IT

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