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Why Employee Training Is Essential for Cyber Security

Why Employee Training Is Essential for Cyber Security

Posted on 22nd May 2020

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The networks and servers of a company are more prone than ever to cyber security threats. Becoming the target of such attacks could result in serious losses for the victim. As a precautionary method, companies will need to invest in upgrades for their cyber security. But with all the options out there, it's hard to choose what solutions or software are worth investing in.

What companies should really invest in when it comes to improving their cyber security is their employees. A lot of cyber security breaches are caused in part by employees who have little to no idea of what the exact threats are. Companies tend to overlook the value of employee training in strengthening cyber security despite it being one of the 21st century leadership must-haves. Here are a few more reasons why it’s important.

Employees Require No Upgrade Or Changes

The knowledge that employees can get from training programs for online threats will stay with them for a lifetime. Unlike SaaS solutions, employees will not get bugs and will not need any upgrade. So long as the information they are fed is updated, they can protect the company from harm.

It would be beneficial for employees as their acquired knowledge can also be used elsewhere. Once they see the value of cyber security, they'll have a better understanding of why being cautious online is important not only for them, but also for the company as a whole.

The Best Option For Remote/Telecommuting Workers

Outsourcing statistics show this industry was worth over £70 billion in 2019. As the companies have massively started to encourage work from home due to Covid19, the ones that were sufficiently digitally aware are reaping benefits.

This is made possible by office-based solutions that help companies monitor their workers even when they are inside the office. However, it could also be the same technology that exposes the company to potential threats.

Companies will need to open up their networks for remote solutions to work. In doing so, they are prone to get hacked in between. Unless the remote workers are properly trained, companies aren't fully safe from the dangers online. Even a small misstep, such as opening a malicious link, could spell disaster for the company security.

It Gives Employees A Boost Of Confidence

Employees that are well aware of increasing online threats might not feel comfortable tinkering around the Internet while using the company's network or server. This will heavily affect their work as they'll spend most of their time worrying about what issues they might mistakenly get.

This will not be a problem if the employees are well-trained. In fact, they'll be able to work confidently when they know about the various types of threats out there and how to avoid them. This extra boost of confidence will help workers improve their productivity and provide better results for the company.

It's Cyber Security For Everyone

Most cyber security solutions are complex software that may require days or weeks of training to fully understand. Even after all that, there are some people that will still have issues using the device as they are simply not technologically inclined. That's why these solutions are mostly left in the hands of the IT department.

What's great about cyber security training is that it’s for everyone and not just for the techy. Basically, the purpose of the training process is to get everyone in the company involved in protecting the company's networks and servers.

Protection From Phishing Scams

Phishing scams remain to be one of the most common forms of breaches that companies face as 62% of the companies experienced some form in 2018. These are attacks mostly initiated via a malicious link added to an email. Employees may receive these links unexpectedly, and if they are using a company sanctioned device to open it, then that will be the start of something alarming.

Understanding what phishing emails are is a basic part of cyber security training for personnel. This is especially helpful if companies let their employees use devices that are connected to a company's network. In 2020, there will be about 20 billion connected devices.

The Workforce Is A Fail-Safe Method

Cyber security solutions are effective in protecting the company from attacks, but these rely heavily on electricity and other factors to keep them running. Power outages or even sudden server issues will render most of these solutions ineffective. In cases like these, companies will see the value of a well-trained workforce.

Regardless of what happens to a company's servers or power, trained employees will still have the tools and the knowledge to keep the company protected from attacks. Trained workforce acts as some sort of fail-safe for companies prone to power outages and server issues.

To Sum Up

Employee training for cyber security is a crucial part of all companies. A company's workforce is a common entry point for cyber threats. So by strengthening this part, the risks will be greatly reduced. If there is one cyber security measure that a company should invest in first, it has to be proper training.

Josh Wardini
Community Manager at  Webmastersjury

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