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5G underpants madness

5G underpants madness

Posted on 26th May 2020

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Our marketing team, whose job it is (amongst many other things) to monitor the media for interesting tech news, have alerted me to this belter of a story.

The Sunday Telegraph’s business pages report that Amazon is selling “hundreds of products that make bogus claims to shield consumers from 5G mobile signals.

Apparently, these products include, stickers, blankets, underwear and even a pill “that (all) falsely purport to protect users from electromagnetic radiation and 5G.”

However, on the basis that just because it’s in the press doesn't necessarily mean it's true, I did some scientific tests of my own.  Firstly, I went into my own Amazon account and searched for “5G shielding underpants.”  This was a mistake, because lots of ladies and gents lingerie came up, so I hastily deleted my browsing history in case my fiancée thinks I’m up to no good and turned to Mr Google instead.  Here, I’m (sort-of) glad to report, it turns out that the Telegraph is not making things up, as the screen-grab below vividly illustrates! 

Amazon search results

According to the US Federal Trade Commission, there is “no scientific proof that so-called shields significantly reduce exposure from these electromagnetic emissions,” and the Telegraph adds that “in some cases, such “shields” have been found to interfere with a phone’s signal, causing it to use more power to communicate with the base station and possibly emit more radiation.” 

You have been warned…

Scott Bentley, Be-IT


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