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If I were an #ITjobs candidate, what would I want right now?

If I were an #ITjobs candidate, what would I want right now?

Posted on 14th September 2020

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Unless you’ve been self-isolating on Mars, you’ll have noticed that the jobs market is a bit random just now.  Fewer jobs, obviously, albeit they are coming back, but for those employers who do have vacancies, there are now far more candidates to choose from, with the likelihood that this will get better/worse (depending on where you sit) over the next few months as furlough ends and lockdown (perhaps) gets tightened even further. 

With that in mind, Be-IT has commissioned thePotentMix once again to do some research into the job market; this time from the candidates’ perspective.  As always, your responses are totally confidential and we’ll share the results free of charge with everyone.  Here's the link:

Whether you are currently seeking work just now, or think that you may well be doing so in the near future, please take five minutes to complete the survey.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

Michael Phair, Operations Director, Be-IT

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