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The future is Oswald

The future is Oswald

Posted on 25th October 2021

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If you were with me last time, you’ll recall (I hope!) that I was writing about some of the more entertaining news stories from the world of tech and how they help inform us in our day-to-day conversations with recruiters, line-managers and candidates as we go about our job of helping the latter pair up with the former, to their mutual benefit…

Today, although perhaps not a story from the cutting-edge of technological progress, my tale of Oswald is nonetheless both heart-warming and practical.  More importantly, with COP26 coming up very soon, Oswald’s story is an illustration of how modern technology can be combined with recycling to help sustain the planet and provide a practical solution to getting around when the distances involved are further than you would normally walk or even cycle.

Oswald, in case you were wondering, is a black, 1953 Morris Minor (the picture here is of one of Oswald’s cousins) – essentially a very old car, about the size of an egg and much the same shape (well, if you cut it in half lengthways and stuck four wheels on it). 

The great thing about Oswald is that, as is not uncommon in a 68-year old man, he’s had a bit of surgery, specifically a transplant, to keep him going, More specifically, his petrol-driven heart has been replaced by a recycled electric motor. Consequently, he’s as quiet as a church mouse and is now regarded as a potential role model for cars of the future.

The company that did the surgery on Oswald is called London Electric Cars and they specialise in replacing old petrol engines with electric motors and batteries that were intended for scrap.  These come from crashed electric vehicles, such as Teslas and Nissan Leafs (or should that be Nissan Leaves?), that have been written off by their insurers but still have useable motors and batteries.  The rough cost, according to the company’s website, is c. £30K, which is cheaper than many EVs nowadays, plus you get to keep your old Ford Capri, Austin Allegro (perhaps not) or Mark 1 Escort. What’s not to like? It is, as LEC’s owner, Matthew Quitter, says, “the ultimate in recycling.”

Scott Bentley, Be-IT


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