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It’s a long way from Singapore to Scotland

It’s a long way from Singapore to Scotland

Posted on 23rd June 2022

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Growing up in Singapore is different to growing up in Scotland. For a start, it’s a lot warmer and a lot more humid (and we mean a lot more humid).  Moreover, it’s a very diverse place, a real melting-pot (if you’ll pardon the pun) of peoples. 

One of those people is Isla Hutchison, who is, if she’ll forgive us, an example of that melting pot in action, being half Canadian and half Australian and attending a school in Singapore which had 125 different nationalities. We don’t know if there were any Scots there, but for some reason, once she finished school, she decided to come half way round the world to study at Stirling University. To be fair, like many Canadians/Australians, she does have Scottish roots, but these are all long in the past. Nevertheless, despite no longer having any family in Scotland she made the journey, studied hard and successfully completed a BA (Hons) in Marketing and Psychology and then a Masters in Psychological Methods of Child Development. 

Naturally, she then decided that a career in IT recruitment was just what she was looking for and she joined Be-IT in February 2022. There are those who might think that an expert in ‘Psychological Methods of Child Development’ would find a lot of her new colleagues at an IT recruitment company worthy of study, but (we’re very glad to say) Isla has taken to her new line of work like the proverbial duck to water, making a massive impact on clients and candidates alike, and with hardly a sideways glance at some of the entertaining behaviour of her new team. We are delighted for her and think she has a big future at Be-IT if she continues in the same way she has started. However, despite this success, there is still one wee blot on the landscape, namely that, at time of writing, she has still not graduated properly.

What with Covid and everything, Stirling University wasn’t able to hold its normal graduation ceremonies, but everything has now been sorted out and Isla will be able to graduate in person.  It all begins tomorrow (Friday 24th June), with the ceremony for her Masters’ degree, then that’s followed on Monday (27th June) with the one for her BA.  And to make it a really special couple of days, her parents have travelled from Singapore to be with her.  All the best Isla – have a great couple of days with your folks and we look forward to seeing you back in the office next week!

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT and Be-IT Projects

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