Candidate Charter

Our commitment to you, our Candidate

When we launched, Be-IT in 2013, we set out to offer the best service to our candidates. Having worked in the recruitment market since 1994, we have met, spoken with and listened to many thousands of candidates and clients’ thoughts and opinions of our industry – and, more importantly, about how recruitment services could be better. It is through acting on this feedback over the years that the foundations of Be-IT have been built. 

We have a different approach to that of other recruitment organisations in the market. Our approach is built around regular communication, strong relationships and an honest assessment of your skills and experience. Whether we have an opportunity for you now, next week or in years to come we will ensure the same level of service to all who engage with us. We promise to -

Communicate with you -

  • We will always operate with equal opportunity at the heart of our process.
  • We will return your calls and emails within a maximum of 48 hours.
  • We will keep you updated at every stage of the recruitment process.
  • We will record all communication on our CRM.
  • We will always explain the detail of each role so you have a clear understanding prior to applying.
  • We will confirm with you who our client is before submitting your application details.
  • We will always seek your permission to represent you.
  • We will always adhere to GDPR requirements.

Advise you -

  • We will always negotiate a fair remuneration on your behalf, in line with market rates for your skills and experience.
  • We will fully prepare and inform you on the format/process/persons involved before any interview. You will always have the opportunity to meet with us in person before and after every interview.
  • We will provide comprehensive feedback.

Support you -

  • You will be provided with full information about the employment offer, including job duties, hours worked and remuneration.
  • You will be supported through the transitioning period and coached on the approach you should take to resigning.
  • You will have full support throughout, and be aware of beforehand, any pre employment screening.
  • You will be contacted on day 1, month 1 and at regular intervals throughout your first year of employment.

Be-IT will ensure that we deliver on these commitments at all times. If for any reason you believe that you have not received an excellent standard of service please use our complaints process to ensure we can rectify any issue you may have.

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