Data Scientist Edinburgh £45,000 £50,000 + Great Benefits, Jobs, Scotland, Central Belt
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Data Scientist - Edinburgh - £45,000 - £50,000 + Great Benefits - Central Belt

Data Scientist - Edinburgh - £45,000 - £50,000 + Great Benefits - Central Belt

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Date Job Posted Wednesday 7 Nov 2018
Reference 2797
Category Data Analyst
Employment Type Permanent

This vacancy is now closed

Diversity, challenge, impact, growth.

Data Scientist

When you have looked for a job before, or perhaps this is your first time doing so, I suggest you weigh up what your exisiting employer doesn't offer that you want to have in your job. It could be diversity within your role. Maybe it's challenge. Perhaps you want to be able to impact the business you work with. Or, you need to have the much talked about opportunity for career progression that so many recruitment adverts comment on but in reality are a hollow statement.

We have engaged with our global client whose brands are renowned and what they have described is an opportunity that makes me wish I was a Data Scientist so I could apply myself.

The Data Science function is within its infancy and is set to double in size initially and as it shows the benefit it brings to the business will mushroom further. There is your opportunity for career progression.

This commerce business will see you interact and work with areas such as HR, Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain, Marketing & Sales. There's your diversity and challenge.

Let's handle the impact aspect. That's going to be down to you. To succeed in this role your mind should analyze, assess, question, be creative, not stick to what's in place if it doesn't make sense and seek data that allows parts of a business to be more streamlined, cost effective, customer focused.

Your personality and communication skills will play a massive part in you securing this opportunity. I mentioned the various parts of this amazing business that you will touch and that means meeting with many personalities and requires someone who can handle such situations. Let's face it, not everyone can.

What do you need to bring to the table? 

A genuine interest in the world of commerce and the ability to tell us why. The capability to work in an environment which at times can be ambiguous and embrace that rather than feel intimidated. A track record of using Data to uncover significant business benefit and the passion and desire to shape the future.

That's a lot to ask for so please do assess yourself candidly but if you feel after doing so that I am describing you and this opportunity has intrigued you, then contact:

Neil Paylor 0n 0131 344 4783 for a chat or send your CV to

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