Our Execs Recruiting Your Execs

Our Execs Recruiting Your Execs

Executive Search & Board Services

Over the last 5 years’ Be-IT has embedded our expertise, networks and tailored approach to recruit CIO’s, IT Directors, Heads of IT and senior level IT professionals into a variety of organisations from Start-ups to FTSE100 companies.

In today’s market an organisations success is increasingly linked to the effectiveness of their IT systems and digital presence.

The role of information officers and chief technology officers is no longer to support business operations but to drive strategic growth, nurture innovation and held organisations cope with digital transformation.

Be-IT's Approach to Executive Search & Board Services:

  • A short list of candidates within 2-4 weeks (if urgent 1-2 weeks)
  • World class recruiters with 10+ years of IT recruiting background
  • Video Interview attached to each applicant’s CV in shortlist
  • Purpose build micro site for senior roles
  • Success-orientated fees

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