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With 19,000 people in 60 countries across six continents, Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread and consumer textile crafts business. You might, however, be excused for saying “so what -  why should a developer be interested in thread?”

Well, here are a few facts for starters. We make the thread for many global brands (Nike for example). If you’ve ever worn a pair of Doc Martens it’s our thread in the stitching. Every year we make enough thread for 8 billion pairs of jeans - one pair for every person on the planet.  Our thread is used in 100 million car air-bags every year.

In other words, it’s a serious business.  And for developers, it’s about to get even more serious. We have a huge (and we mean really big-scale) software architecture project about to begin.  Essentially, we’re rebuilding (from the ground up) our proprietary colour management system (called ColourStitch), used in all our facilities worldwide, and this requires really complex technical problems to be addressed, while keeping the plates spinning with the current platform.

More specifically, it means rewriting existing functionality in the new architecture whilst also developing new capabilities for the business to further increase productivity and achieve improved quality. It’s a fascinating challenge and you can be at the heart of it, helping to implement the new architecture and develop new and existing capabilities within it.  You can see what we mean when we say that pulling the wrong thread might be exciting…

For more details, see the job spec below and also have a read of this Q&A with Adam Fewkes, our Global Colour Systems Manager.

Company information

Location(s) Worldwide
Type of Business Textiles

Why should I apply?
Migrating a system as large and complex as ColourStitch to a new architecture while continuing to deliver new capabilities to the business is an extremely challenging software project. If you are looking for a big, exciting project, this is the one!

It sounds like an exciting time for the Coats brand; how does this impact on your team?
There is a huge amount of innovation across the company in developing new products and services for our customers and also how we manage our business internally. Technology is becoming more and more important and it will be very interesting to see what Coats looks like in five years’ time. It’s great for our team to be part of such a forward-looking company.

What does it take to be a colour systems developer? 
You need to have experience of the full software lifecycle, be extremely proficient in development of desktop applications using C# and SQL Server, have strong analysis and problem solving skills, and, of course, be able to work as part of a high performing team!

What are the challenges/opportunities of working in your team? 
We have a team of 10 people developing and testing new functionality as well as supporting the system in our 45 dyehouses around the world. There is a lot of variety, as people work across the full technology stack and the full software lifecycle. Our software is critical to the success of Coats.

What’s next for the Coats development team? 
In order to increase long-term development and testing productivity and to ease support, we are embarking on this major project to rewrite ColourStitch in a new architecture, complementing our C# and SQL Server technology stack with appropriate ORM, DI and UI frameworks and putting in place best practice architecture and design patterns. We also have a roadmap of innovative new developments to enhance our colour management capabilities and to increase productivity in our dyehouses. I’m sure it is going to be a challenging and exciting time for the team over the next few years.

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