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Butterwire is an intriguing name.

‘butterwire’ is an intriguing name.  It’s also an intriguing company.  Founded by Raphael Fiorentino (CEO) with Paul Sinclair (CDO), butterwire is a start-up which began life only last September. Essentially, it’s bit of kit that gives equity investors the chance to make better informed investment decisions and then advises and guides them as to how these decisions are working. 

It is not a trading platform nor is it about supplanting existing channels to the financial world. Essentially, it’s a complementary system for high net worth individuals, IFAs and the big financial firms that adds immense value thanks to its augmented investor intelligence software.

Its USP is the way in which the myriad of very dense information from across the financial world is processed and absorbed very quickly, making it easier for its customers to know what to focus on and to make unbiased decisions that maximise their chances of long-term investment success.  These customers won’t even notice the sophistication of the underlying technology, but they will wonder how they ever got along without it. 

Our tech work is done in Scotland because there are lots of talented people here with the skills we need. We work with Be-IT because we know Nikola and believe her team understands start-ups’ need and are dynamic in their response – which we found was the case as from pressing the ‘go’ button to getting our hires was very quick indeed, literally only a few days.

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