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Bellrock Technology is a software company based in Glasgow, UK.  the company was founded to help large organisations become data-driven. Our customers are using live data to become safer, more efficient and more productive.

Bellrock Technolgy developed Lumen®, the world’s most advanced predictive analytics deployment platform in order to instantly turn trained data science models into live, useful data analytics. Its patented technology removes traditional integration and deployment challenges, making results immediately available.

Bellrock Technolgy was created within the University of Strathclyde to enable far more rapid deployment of Advanced Data Analytics and other Models in their work as an education establishment, but also their support of Engineering, Utilities and other Industries. Traditionally the challenge in developing reliable predictive abilities etc. has been the analytics themselves.

Data Scientists generally require skilled Software Developers to understand, interpret and create deployment mechanisms in order that their Analytics Models actually becomes usable. Each time the Analytic is revised, this can mean repeating the process.

Bellrock Technolgy’s industry proven Lumen platform is designed specifically to remove this burden, freeing Data Scientists to do what they do best, while reducing deployment times from months to days or even hours.

Bellrock Technology currently supports blue-chip companies with operations worth millions of pounds daily.  Lumen® delivers unique insights to decision makers flexibly and without delay.

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Location(s) Glasgow
Type of Business Software

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